Restaurant Le Roosevelt - Utah Beach


A country marked by the history 

The Madeleine, peaceful beach of fair sand, in Normandy. This place is convenient; in the year 900 the Vikings threw their drakkars there. Ten centuries later, the American General Eisenhower lanched an amphibious attak on the shore. Since then, it is called Utah Beach.

In those days, what is now the Roosevelt restaurant was a simple fisherman hut sheltered in the sand dunes. From 1942 to June 1944, it was used as an office by the German Tod organization. Next to the house was a bunker which was probably used by the German army as a telephone exchange.
As one of the strategic posts for the landing, the main building was used by the US Army 1st Engineer Special Brigade Communication Group. Between June and November 1944, the bunker itself was used as the communications center of the US Navy, controlling the traffic between the fleet and the front.

The signatures of navy men on the walls of the bunker are a visible testimony of their presence here over 50 years ago. The 41 radio operators supported the NOIC (Naval Officer in Charge) and were members of the Navy Command Task Group (CTG) 127.2.4.
The interior of this historical bunker is now a small museum of communications equipment used at the time.


At the heart of the site of Utah Beach, the Roosevelt restaurant is vis-a-vis with the landing museum , at 10 minutes from Holy Mother Church. It is also near the ornithological reserve, at the coastal edge of the regional natural reserve of the marshes of Cotentin and Bessin and also within 50 meters of the beach and the nautical pleasures. We invite you to come to taste the clams of Utah Beach and other regional specialities.

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