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History of the 6th june 44
from "Le grand jour" of Gilles Perrault

The General Roosevelt

Among had the soldiers of the 4° division ", like asked him for Bradley? Not at their head, as it had the dangerous practice of it. He had begged quon let it leave with the first wave: " that will reassure the kids to see me in the blow. " He was the only General to accompany this first wave and, of the six thousand men who made it up, he was certainly oldest : fifty seven years old, with a heart which beat the charm and a stiff shoulder of rheumatism. But Roosevelt had seen just: its presence comforted the soldiers whom it led to the attack with, for only personal weapons, a pisolet with seven balls and a cane. Contemplating this man with the face dug of wrinkles which could have been their father, the twenty year old boys told to:"Si the old man holds out, I must be able too. " It remains with the General five weeks to live. Its objective is the immense fair sand range of Holy Marie of the Mount, that the Americans baptized Utah.
It has already very old experience of the unloadings. There is more than thousand years, into 841, the Vikings there unloaded of their drakkars and conquered the country. In 1793, at the time of the French revolution, the English tried with their tower a descent to assist from the royalist chouans. The range was thus going to undergo the third unloading of its history. It is located at about fifteen kilometers of Omaha, which attack at the same time the old accomplices of Roosevelt, hard of the Large one Red, among which is his/her own son, Quentin Roosevelt, twenty-five year old captain. Behind the range, dunes stuffed with German blockhouses and minefields.

Beyond the dunes, an immense artificial marsh that the Germans made emerge while closing locks. Neither the tanks nor the American trucks will be able to progress through the marsh: they will have to take the four narrow roads which cross it and join the firm ground, three kilometers further. This is why the American paras received mission of holding at all costs the outlet of these four roads. It was a question of preventing the Germans from installing there anti-tank stoppers which, holding the roadways under their fire, auraiant blocked any progression.
The paras filled their contract. It is now the turn of the " kids " of Roosevelt to enter in action.They must insert the first line of defence installed in the dunes.

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