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The history of Utah Beach : the bunker
Testimonies of Roger Chagnon, NOIC's veteran

The bunker now as it's now

When you see the restaurant for the first time, you cannot help noticing the concrete bunker adjacent to it; you will no doubt ask yourself what it is and why it is there. For a long time after the war, the bunker was used as a wine cellar.

On 6 June 1994, marking the 50th anniversary of the landings on Utah Beach, two veterans of the US Navy The members are mentioned later came to see the bunker. They recognized the place immediately; it was the communications center where they had served, together with thirty-eight other personnel, as radio operators from 6 June through 31 October 1944.

Exploring further, they soon discovered on the inside walls of the bunker the signatures of eighteen of their buddies. From that moment the future of the bunker changed forever.

Over the years, many questions have surfaced regarding the activities of thr NOIC radio group during the landings and subsequent operations. What were the circumstances for getting into the bunker ? Were the sailors exposed to danger ?... What did they eat ?... Where did they sleep ?...

The bunker as it was in june 1944

Some answers are provided below :

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