How to Have an Extravagant Nightlife in Mexico

How to Have an Extravagant Nightlife in Mexico

If you are going to visit Mexico and you are looking forward to parties and nightclubs that it has to offer,, the city will always throw their popular parties for their guests regardless if it is raining or not. Here is a complete guide for you to have an extravagant nightlife while you are staying in Mexico City.

When do I party?

To make sure that you will have a great experience, you should know when to party while you are in Mexico. Even if it’s still Thursday, you could expect a lot of parties being thrown around because Chilangos refer to Thursdays as ‘little Friday’. Make sure that you don’t visit the nightclub until 10 pm, so shop a little or relax in a spa before going to a party. There are nightclubs that open at 10 pm and serve their guests breakfast until 8:30 am so you could pretty much spend the rest of the evening while you are there in Mexico.

How do I party like a Mexican?

Most of the nightclub will certainly launch a pre-party before the real fun begins. Just make sure that you know a bit of their culture and history so that you will be able to adapt immediately to the bohemian life of the city in which they are famous of. You should also be friendly and expect a lot of tacos.

Watch out for fake taxis

As much as possible, if you are going back to your hotel or inn where you are staying, you should watch out for fake taxis around. There are lots of scammers who target drunk people after partying. Make sure that you ask for their license before you close the door and also if it’s beyond 9 in the evening you should never ride public transportation anymore especially if you are a little tipsy.

Do not bring valuable items

Since you are going to party, long necklaces, diamond earrings, and bangles of bracelets are not advisable especially if there is a lot of crowd because it’s either you will end up ruining it, or you will lose it along the way. Just bring enough cash and a phone with you and have a secret pocket in your pants or your skirt so that even if you’re a bit drunk, you will not end up losing one of your valuable items.

Be aware of pickpockets

As what we have mentioned above, your valuable items should only stay inside your hotel room if you don’t want to lose or ruin it. If you are going to a tourist destination that is expected to be crowded unlike other spots, you should be alert of pickpockets around and as much as possible, bring a company with you if you are going out because most of the scammers and pickpockets target a victim who is alone. Plus, wouldn’t it be more fun if you have someone with you to explore the city?