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How to Have an Extravagant Nightlife in Mexico

If you are going to visit Mexico and you are looking forward to parties and nightclubs that it has to offer,, the city will always throw their popular parties for their guests regardless if it is raining or not. Here is a complete guide for you to have an extravagant nightlife while you are staying in Mexico City.

When do I party?

To make sure that you will have a great experience, you should know when to party while you are in Mexico. Even if it’s still Thursday, you could expect a lot of parties being thrown around because Chilangos refer to Thursdays as ‘little Friday’. Make sure that you don’t visit the nightclub until 10 pm, so shop a little or relax in a spa before going to a party. There are nightclubs that open at 10 pm and serve their guests breakfast until 8:30 am so you could pretty much spend the rest of the evening while you are there in Mexico.

How do I party like a Mexican?

Most of the nightclub will certainly launch a pre-party before the real fun begins. Just make sure that you know a bit of their culture and history so that you will be able to adapt immediately to the bohemian life of the city in which they are famous of. You should also be friendly and expect a lot of tacos.

Watch out for fake taxis

As much as possible, if you are going back to your hotel or inn where you are staying, you should watch out for fake taxis around. There are lots of scammers who target drunk people after partying. Make sure that you ask for their license before you close the door and also if it’s beyond 9 in the evening you should never ride public transportation anymore especially if you are a little tipsy.

Do not bring valuable items

Since you are going to party, long necklaces, diamond earrings, and bangles of bracelets are not advisable especially if there is a lot of crowd because it’s either you will end up ruining it, or you will lose it along the way. Just bring enough cash and a phone with you and have a secret pocket in your pants or your skirt so that even if you’re a bit drunk, you will not end up losing one of your valuable items.

Be aware of pickpockets

As what we have mentioned above, your valuable items should only stay inside your hotel room if you don’t want to lose or ruin it. If you are going to a tourist destination that is expected to be crowded unlike other spots, you should be alert of pickpockets around and as much as possible, bring a company with you if you are going out because most of the scammers and pickpockets target a victim who is alone. Plus, wouldn’t it be more fun if you have someone with you to explore the city?

Tips in Going to a Nightclub Alone

Having a great nightlife is one of the most effective ways you could ever enjoy your youthful days. However, if you are used to going out with your friends, you might find it a little intimidating if you go there without any one accompanying you. Therefore, before you enter a nightclub alone, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

Time to go

If you are planning to visit a nightclub during the Fridays and Saturdays, where the chances of meeting a certain guy are extremely high because it’s the busiest days of a night club, you should not go there at 8 pm or else you will have to wait for the club to open. Wait for at least 11 pm before driving into the nightclub, and you’ll arrive there exactly when the party’s just starting. But if you are anxious about getting surrounded with tons of people, then you should consider going during weekdays where there are less crowds in a night club

What to wear

It will depend on you on what you are going to rock on for the night. Typical clothing will do just fine—even your Nirvana shirt and ripped jeans will do just fine. If you are trying to wear fashionable clothes, that would not be a problem. Just make sure that it will flatter your body shape accordingly, especially if you are looking for a date inside the nightclub.

Always keep in mind that there are lots of people inside the nightclub. Therefore you should not wear layers of clothes. But if the weather is quite cold, just bring your jacket with you, hand it in one of the workers and then get it before going home.

There are some clubs that loves to host holiday-themed parties. For instance, if they are going to host a Halloween party then they will require people to wear oufits according to the theme, or they will not let them enter the club.


Most of the nightclubs, especially if it’s a popular one, will require an entrance fee. You will most likely get a stamp or receive a bracelet as an indication that you have already paid and even if you get in and out of , you will never have to pay again.

Getting inside

Once you get inside, you will most likely be greeted with swarms of people, dancing, drinking, and chatting around. So that you don’t feel out of place, you should head to the bar as soon as you get inside, order a drink, have a nice conversation with the bartender or you could observe your surroundings so that you can easily adapt. People will come and go in the bar to have their drinks, so you will most likely gain a friend or two especially if you are chatty. The bar is just the perfect location for you to feel comfortable and welcomed.

Nightlife Tips in Las Vegas

You know too well that Las Vegas is famous for its sleepless nights and countless parties. Aside from that, you will never run out of new clubs and night bars to choose from. So, if you are a party enthusiast, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind to enjoy the party and save money as well.

Dress accordingly

There are some nightclubs in Las Vegas that don’t require a dress code, so you can rock in almost anything that you like as long as you are comfortable. However, there are also some bars that don’t allow people who are wearing short shorts, tank tops, flip flops, tennis shorts, and a baseball cap to enter the bar, no matter how famous and rich you are. If you wanted to pull off the dress that you just bought but you can’t, you can still be sexy wearing your jeans and shirt. You just have to be stylish.

Arrive ahead of time

No one wants to wait for such a long line, therefore, you should arrive early if you don’t want to pay additional charges. For instance, if you arrived at around 6 pm at the Mix Lounge, you will probably have a drink and hang around the sofa near their balcony. When the clock strikes at around 10 pm, you will most likely be asked to move to give room for the VIPs, but then you will never have to leave the club.

Get bottle service

If you and your friends decide to hang out to one of their nightclubs in Las Vegas and you also agreed that you’re staying the night over, it will save you a lot of money if you reserve their bottle service. This is one of the most effective ways to guarantee you that you will be able to enter the club and you can even skip waiting in the long line before you could go in.

It cannot be denied that the bottle service is quite expensive, but it’s not much of a burden if you tend to split the rate among 10 people or so. Aside from that, you’ll have a reserved table waiting for you that can be accessed easily on the dance floor. In that way, you will never have to stand among the crowd after you get tired dancing around.

Always tip

If you wanted to gain friends inside the club, then you should consider giving a tip to the bartenders and waiter. They would most certainly remember your face once you show up again in the club if you tip generously and aside from that, you could have a VIP treatment. In that way, you will be able to enter and leave the club without much hassle if you know someone who is working inside. A good rule of the thumb is to tip more than 12% of the actual price to the staff that attends to your needs; they would most certainly appreciate it.

How to Survive the Nightlife of Tel Aviv

Your trip to Israel will never be complete if you don’t visit Tel Aviv, especially if you are a party enthusiast—you must’ve heard about it. However, visiting is not your only way to go—you have to have fun, too! Tel Aviv City never sleeps at night. Therefore you should prepare yourself before heading out there. How do you exactly survive the night life of Tel Aviv? Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.

Make sure that you’ve got enough sleep before you go to Tel Aviv. Take a nap because yawning at around 10 in the evening is prohibited there. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the party! Aside from that, Tel Aviv only opens at one in the morning so don’t go there before midnight because you will have to wait before you can party and socialize.

Dress according to your mood. Fortunately, there is no dress code in visiting Tel Aviv, therefore, you can rock your ripped jeans and a black tank top or your little black dress, or if you wanted to dress bohemian, then why not? Since this is a beach town, you can certainly wear whatever suits you the best.

Also, make sure that you have enough money in your pocket. Since this is one of the most popular and visited bars in Israel, it requires an entrance fee before you get to enjoy their amenities and also, always keep in mind that there is a big difference in the price of the vodka in the market and inside a bar. So make sure you don’t run out of money.

As much as possible, tip the bartenders as their salary is pretty small to earn a living and most of them are expectant to the tips of their customers. Aside from being nice and friendly, tipping them more than 12% of the actual price will make sure that they’ll recognize you again once you show up at the club.

While it’s not advisable to be there on time—you should not be late either because there is a long line waiting for you to get inside the gate. If you don’t like waiting, you could just list down your name on the attendant on the gate or if you know someone who works from the inside that might speed things up.

Make sure that you know how to order your drinks properly. While in Israel, their chaser refers to the shot—not the beer to follow the shot. And always keep in mind that shots are always doubles so you might as well enjoy whatever your bartender has poured for you. They do not usually use lemons in their cocktails so be wise at choosing your drinks.

If you don’t want to dance, then you could just sit at the bar and order food. While you are eating, you can rest assured that your bartender will keep on serving you alcohol and other beverages while being comfy at your seat.

Top 5 Best Cities for Nightlife

Are you travelling and looking for the best cities for nightlife? Then this is the perfect place for you! We listed the top best cities that you could ever visit if you are looking for an active, amazing, and unforgettable nightlife! Here are the top 20 best cities for nightlife around the world that you must visit:


Paris is known as the “City of Lights”, but you could only enjoy its true essence once it is half past midnight. Do not miss the exclusive bars that they offer in Paris to complete your journey. Aside from the delicious gourmet and social gatherings, you can also enjoy some of their infamous cabaret shows. You could also visit the bar that was created by the famous movie director David Lynch which is now open to the public and you will have a great opportunity in meeting some of the most popular Hollywood artists hanging out there.


Amsterdam is known as the “Red Light District”, but aside from that, there are lots of clubs that you could visit and experience for one of the most unforgettable late night parties you could ever attend. You can visit the famous “The Movies” which allows you to get a glimpse of some of the indie films while enjoying the cinema’s menu for foods and drinks. But if you wanted to sit back, relax, and listen to good music, then you should go to the Paradiso instead to watch live performances brought to you by the club—a great way to end your evening.

Las Vegas

Who else doesn’t know about the infamous “Sin City”? Las Vegas has it all for you. There are hundreds of clubs and night bars that you can visit. In the Cosmopolitan Hotel, the Vesper bag caters to a lot of fans. In the Cosmopolitan Hotel, the Vesper bag offers a lot of fancy cocktails and beverages, and also the classic décor of the establishment attracts most of the tourists and guests to visit the bar.


Chicago is known for its numerous sports bars but aside from that, they also have their set of night clubs and lounges that you could try. For instance, The Aviary is perfect for those who wanted to have an extra-ordinary drink made out of herbs and other snacks for your late-night thoughts. You could also visit the Barrel House Flat as it offers lots of contemporary and classic drinks that you can enjoy—whether you’re an adventurous or conservative drinker, you have a place here.

Los Angeles

Planning to spend your vacation in Los Angeles? Then make sure to complete your summer life with the vibrant nightlife of the City. You could visit the Harvard and Stone if you wanted to have a glimpse of a different era in the city of Los Angeles in which they feature live music performances and a large collection of American Spirit. If you are into music, there are lots of bars and loungers that you can choose from, too.

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If you are going to be going out in a nightlife setting, it is always a good idea to have a plan to get to your destination as well as arrange for a ride home. This way, you are able to consume alcohol legally and not put yourself in danger by driving. Remember, you are not only putting yourself in danger by driving under the influence, but also others on the road as well as others you have in the car with you.

There are various services at your disposal for rides to and from your destinations. Uber is one of the most popular services currently. Uber operates in almost every large city and some of the suburbs that surround the cities. This is an excellent way to get from place to place. Uber has been reliable and also is priced based on the distance. You should be cautious, however. If you get an off vibe from your driver, the Uber app has a built in gps tracker. In any instance of service that you utilize to get from place to place, if you feel that you are in an unsafe circumstance, you should get out of the vehicle in a safe a well-lit area, and contact the police if necessary.

Lyft is another service that is easy and reliable to use. Lyft is similar to Uber in that the drivers are typically every day people hired by the company to drive. In some cases, they use their own vehicles. You can also call taxis. The only downside to taxis is that they may not be willing to drive as far and they will be a great deal more expensive as they charge by the time and distance.

Remember, if you are going to be out for an entire weekend in a city, it is a good idea to book a hotel room well in advance. Do not count on staying with friends who may be unreliable or may end up changing plans on you last minute. Hotel rooms can be very easy and somewhat cheap if you are not looking to stay in the most luxurious hotel in the city.
Cities often have expensive nightlife. Bars will charge for cover as well as drinks so you would much rather save your money for that and when you are actually out and about. Choosing a hotel in a safe area is probably the number one priority. Your safety is always the most important factor.

Nightlife and going out as a young adult can be enjoyable! It is important to remember basic street smarts when you are out to avoid any sort of risky situations. If you are aware of your surroundings, have a plan to get home, and have a safe place to stay, all should go relatively smoothly.

Different cities offer different hotels and transportation services. It is best to do some research before you get to the city. Do not plan last minute. Enjoy and be safe!